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Holiday Mini Session

2023 Holiday Mini Session with Shawn Michelle

hi guys!

I am so excited to see you all for my Holiday Mini Session!

in order to keep my 30 minute mini session's short and sweet, please arrive on time, already dressed and ready to be photographed. unfortunately there won't be any "prep" time prior to our session, as these are my "mini sessions" with back to back sessions.

Once you arrive to my studio, please wait in your car and text me when you arrive and ill come and walk you back to my studio.

please let me know what images are the most important to you prior to starting our session (child portraits, sibling portraits, or family portraits).

i will start our session with your desired poses to make sure we achieve those images first!

(please note that because this is a mini session, and we are dealing with young kiddos, not every desired pose will be able to be achieved. i will try my absolute best though.

due to the time constraints, I am asking for the session fee of $300 to be paid once you have filled out your session agreement, so we are not having to waste valuable photography time.

Payments are via zelle at 818-599-1472

Thank you in advance

TIPS for a successful session

Color/tones I recommend for this set up are creams, whites, ecru... in all the yummy textures (knits, linens, sweaters). feel free to check out what my models are wearing on my latest Instagram advertisement. 

other colors that will go well are blacks (formal) or neutral colors such as rusts/dark dusty greens.

you can make these images as fancy or as comfy as you like (pajama's will be super cute as well). try not to have too many matching or bold patterns to eliminate a 
"busy" image. I love the simplicity for this timeless feel.

Anyone who has been photographed by me knows I LOVE Zara, Gap Kids, and H&M for their knits and cozy clothing. Zara has super quick shipping as well.

  • arriving on time, dressed and waiting in your car for me to come walk you back to the studio (your time slot is your time slot. i am unable to go over our time tomorrow)

  • please text me at 818-599-1472 once you arrive to the studio

  • for the kiddo's: please feed/nap small children and husbands before arriving to the studio ;)

  • keeping a calm, relaxed environment from the beginning will help immensely (please allow Rebecca, my assistant, and I to lead the session without interference)

  • shhhhhh..."quiet on set"

  • for the bigger kids: please, please no running, climbing, or touching of props that are not included in the mini session. stressing it again, a chaotic environment will deter us from getting these gorgeous images.


17039 Community street,

sherwood forest,ca

Please note

for some reason google maps/apple maps takes you to the back of my house with no access. it may help to add my neighbors address 17043 community street, sherwood forest in your gps to get you into my neighborhood and onto my correct street

the studio is located at the very end of the cul de sac.

sorry for the inconvenience, we are working with them on this glitch.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!!!

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