Due to a recent virus outbreak, the studio will be implementing new measures to ensure the maximum care for all parties attending photo sessions with Shawn Michelle Photography.  Please take a moment to read the guidelines below to learn more.



     All props are sanitized with Force of Nature. A non-chemical, hospital grade disinfectant. This will be used in conjunction with the regular steam cleaning that is done already.

     No shoes are allowed upon studio entry, please leave them at the door.

      Hand sanitizer will be given to you upon entry into the studio. I will be wearing a face mask and shield while handling your newborn.

     I ask that we maintain a 6 foot distance between us at all times.

     The client seating area and studio will be sanitized after every appointment, allowing more than 24 hours between each sessions.

     I am asking for immediate family members only at this time (mom, dad, brothers and sisters and newborn)

     In order to maintain the utmost safety, I ask that you consider these following steps to ensure my well being as well as your own....

          Please arrive in a face mask or any face covering material. 

          I ask that you limit visitor interactions until after your scheduled appointment takes place.

          If you have been in contact with anyone other than your immediate family, please disclose with me 2        days prior to your appointment. 

          Please cancel your appointment within 24 hours if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

                     Fever, cough, dizziness, lack of taste/smell, fatigue (not from lack of sleep). 

          I am no longer allowed to provide beverages, food or toys. Please be sure to pack snacks and lunch as your session may take up to 4 hours.





     I will be scheduling sessions with older babies into the studio first, with 24 hours between each session to allow for cleaning. Timeline will be dependent on state regulations, the most recent notice for re-opening is June 12, 2020. All policies and scheduling is subject to change. 

     Please submit this form 3 days prior to your scheduled session.




I certify that I have read the above studio policies. I take full responsibility in doing forward with my appointment and aware of the risks involved. I waive my rights to seek damages, compensations and or any involvement on Shawn Michelle Photography. 


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